Technology Video

Einstein famously said to make things “as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Explaining complexity needn’t be complex in itself. A direct and compelling story, told with just enough detail, will hold a viewer’s interest and inspire then to learn more.

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Real-Time 3D

Product demonstrations literally from a new perspective. We use video game technology to create virtual demonstrations of products and technology. It’s easy for your customers or sales personnel to explore at the touch of a mouse or the turn of a dial. Real-Time 3D puts customers in touch with your products.

Something from Nothing

Not all corporate videos require video. We often create product videos from very little by simply working from brochures, still photos, product drawings, or whatever is available. In the piece above, we used public domain film, patent drawings, and even repurposed some existing training video.

Product Testing Documentary

Six cameras running simultaneously covered every angle and aspect of this non-repeatable product test. The text footage was also leveraged in this product marketing video, in client presentations, and further technology research.

Animating Light

Demonstrating a process that cannot be seen, this animated product video uses conceptual visuals to explain light-based computing performed thousands of feet below the earth’s surface. The animation helps customers visualize the intangible process.

How it Works Technology Series

An ongoing animated video series helps educate clients on the basics of the industry as well as the latest technology advancements. Brief bite-size videos were designed to be mixed and matched for presentations to busy customers, employee training, and trade show appearances.