Exhibits that perform magic.

Exhibits that perform magic.

That’s not a metaphor. Our designers bring a variety of background experience to Interactive Exhibitry, including stage magic. The magic X-ray exhibit uses magician’s techniques to create the illusion of seeing inside a product.

Product Simulation

Product Simulation

This interactive trade show exhibit allows the user to take control of the product. The video host explains the technology while customers interact with the simulation. The scale model of the product operates as the readout on the screen indicates simulated pressure, temperature and torque. The user vividly sees how the product responded to a variety of usage scenarios.

100th Anniversary Product Video

Fluid separation technologies are a vital part of the oil and gas industry. This product celebrated a century of success by re-introducing itself with this video presentation.

Technology Knowledge Video Series

This is one of 12 recently completed videos showcasing liquid separation technology. We originally created the shows for a series of trade show exhibits, then reformatted the vertical content from the exhibits into a more standard viewing format for use in customer presentations and web sites.

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Exhibits that Predict the Future?

Wind farms use LIDAR remote sensing technology to predict and prepare for changes in the weather. This interactive exhibit features working miniature windmills, a video diorama, videos that explain the technology, and animated video arrows projected on to the topography of the terrain.

Spin the Globe Attraction

This interactive Trade Show app allowed customers to manipulate a 3D globe with the turn of a knob. They could spin the globe to specific locations to find out information on local services.

Stylized Power Grid Exhibit

Computer controlled models move in sync with the story of automated power distribution. The cell phone-captured video above shows how the lighted platforms raise and lower to highlight specific parts of the stylized cityscape.

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MPRES™ – Modular Presentation System

MPRES™ technology helps you manage, present, distribute, repackage and leverage presentation material like like never before. Your presentations, trade show exhibits and leave-behind material are always up to date and always impressive.

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The Shell Game

“Gamification of Information” is an awkward term for such a fun undertaking. In this case, the information is company history, industry trends, and current corporate news. The game is a parody of flashy television game shows of the 1990′s.

Product Line Interactive Exhibit

A full product line in one eye-catching exhibit. Gleaming scale models invite customers to touch and explore. They bookend a large touchscreen featuring product documentaries and animated demonstrations. Product demos, as well as a complete reference library of hundreds of spec sheets, brochures, and case studies, are available at the touch of a finger.