Promotional Video

One of the many challenges of introducing new technology to market is simply cutting through the noise. This 50-second teaser was produced to generate interest through social media, trade shows and the company website.

Virtual Studio

Here are some highlights from a recent safety video. The virtual studio along with it’s giant video screen helped give the video a sense of scale and some slick production value.

Product and Service Video

We chose a stylized motion graphics approach to wrap some of the clients existing animations and field footage into one cohesive story.

Product Introduction Show

This animated video introduces unique oilfield technology that provides real-time data from miles below the surface of the earth.

100th Anniversary Product Video

Fluid separation technologies are a vital part of the oil and gas industry. This product celebrated a century of success by re-introducing itself with this video presentation.

Fluid Flow Simulation

This is an advanced fluid simulation demonstrating the travel of abrasive particles within the flow. It was used for training oilfield technicians as well as sales and marketing.

Technology Knowledge Video Series

This is one of 12 recently completed videos showcasing liquid separation technology. We originally created the shows for a series of trade show exhibits, then reformatted the vertical content from the exhibits into a more standard viewing format for use in customer presentations and web sites.

Technology Video

Einstein famously said to make things “as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Explaining complexity needn’t be complex in itself. A direct and compelling story, told with just enough detail, will hold a viewer’s interest and inspire then to learn more.

Something from Nothing

Not all corporate videos require video. We often create product videos from very little by simply working from brochures, still photos, product drawings, or whatever is available. In the piece above, we used public domain film, patent drawings, and even repurposed some existing training video.